Oewerall Festival mit ttt und Sonne, Mond und Mango

Hallo Freunde, die Sonne erwärmt langsam den kühlen Berliner Boden und die Vögel zwitschern Geschichten vom Sommer. Ach, der Sommer, was denken wir gerne noch an letztes Jahr zurück – mit Euch auf unserem kleinen Festttival. Und wir haben wieder/immernoch Lust auf Euch – mit Lächeln und Tanzlaune. Deswegen gestalten […]

Re:Opening – “From the new On”

“From New On” – Der werkstatttraum e.V. macht neu, „Re-Opening“ 19.05. bis 21.05.2017 Nur was sich ändert, bleibt sich treu: Nach einer Rundumsanierung eröffnet der werkstatttraum, kurz ttt, seine Tore und zeigt sich im neuen Glanz. Unter dem Motto “From New On” lädt am Wochenende vom 19.05. – 21.05. das […]

Comics Workshop : Join The First Meeting!

ABOUT THE CLASS Join us for a unique and fun comic workshop with an international renowned comic artist. The course emphasizes storytelling skills, drawing skills, techniques and printing, in a weekly class from February until July. At the end, each participant created their own book. Comics Workshop #1 Tuesday, Feb […]

Comics Workshop : Join The First Meeting!

Tzu Ting Wang

Tzu-Ting Wang was born in Taiwan, 1987. Graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in London.Her method of painting is to develop a perspectivism based on emotion. She projects her own sensation, memory and desire on  individual object , and depicts the reality that has been modified accordingly. She makes use […]

Sophia Melone

Melons are tough outside and sweet inside. If you name them Sophia though, they become wise, which can only result in juicadelic creamy funky paintings or experimantal screenprints. Working on her career as a phenomenon since she moved back to berlin 2009. Looking for business angels, sponsors, donators, sugar daddies&mamas, […]

SPRECHSTUNDE:Nebensatz #10 zum Topos: Liebe

SPRECHSTUNDE:Nebensatz# 10 zum Topos: Liebe 18.03. | Einlass: 20:00 Uhr | im ttt Die Leser diesmal: Marlen Hobrack Nik Afanasjew Trixi Blue Cia Torun und Robert Klages … Was liebt? Wie liebt es sich? Wer liebt heute noch? Zeitgenössische Statistiker verkünden, verliebte Momente die alle 11 Minuten stattfinden. Dies jedoch […]

Arrival – An invitation to an Inner Journey #3

Arrival | Ankommen – An invitation to an Inner Journey Soundscapes | Magic Shapes | Visuals Worlds | Performance Sounds by Kabel Trace https://soundcloud.com/kabelundkabel https://soundcloud.com/kabelkiste Visuals by Mahir Duman & Paula Liz http://www.popkinsart.com/ http://paulatrimbur.de/ We arrive everyday all over, but at the end of the day we are nowhere. How […]

© by kevin gray

TTT TALKS 2017 // 25.2.17 19:00-22:00

TTT TALKS 2017 BASIC INFORMATION 25.2 19:00-22:00 Entrance will cost 2 euros (to cover basic costs) The TTT TALKS is a platform to share your knowledge and your story with the community, It is also an opportunity to share an interesting project you are leading, working on or a part […]

Late Night Art Class #1

ABOUT THE CLASS The focus of this class will be on drawing & painting in combination with words. It will be a beautiful combination of technical knowlege and playful artistic adventures. – Inspired by contemporary art, we will work to improve our techniques and tools in the field of drawing […]

Late night art calls #1

Birgitt Böse

Out of her passion for metal and the desire to translate her art vision into a tangible, wearable form, Birgitt started to craft jewelry in 2012. For her jewelry label PULVA she creates unique pieces from silver, brass and copper which are inspired by the ambivalences and coincidences of nature […]

Carlos Nikolaus

All my lifetime I’ve been a creative character, grown up in a huge family with seven siblings, I was able to find my really own way to come into contact with the materials. I grew up in Berlin, and in Waldorf-School I was basically good educated in art and being […]

carlos nikolaus

a vast experience

Our in house filmmaker Patrick Mikulski, created a short documenting all that we have accomplished. What it was, what we did and who we are in a webshort that lets you watch one heartbeat into the ttt.

WORKSHOP: Hello Music, let’s make art with you

WORKSHOP: Hello Music, let’s make art with you – a workshop to learn how to process sound as an input for your interactive art pieces and ideas.
Ever dreamed of sound-reactive installations? Ever had an idea on a new musical instrument? Ever imagined a new way of interacting with sound?

Der werkstatttraum e.V.

Den werkstatttraum e.V. gibt es seit 2011. Der Vereinszweck gilt der Pflege und Förderung von Kunst und Kultur. Dies realisiert er in erster Linie dadurch, dass ein kreativer Raum geschaffen wurde, in dem die unterschiedlichsten Geister zusammen kommen. Wir bieten damit eine Unterstützung für ansässige Kunst- und Kulturschaffende bei der […]

Kevin Gray

In his family it is said that Kevin Gray (born in 1982) had already sketched, before he could walk…while that may not be completely true, his urge to fill empty surfaces was nevertheless early in evidence. And, as time passed, he tried out different genres and techniques. His first ‘professional’ […]