Sophia Melone

Melons are tough outside and sweet inside. If you name them Sophia though, they become wise, which can only result in juicadelic creamy funky paintings or experimantal screenprints. Working on her career as a phenomenon since she moved back to berlin 2009. Looking for business angels, sponsors, donators, sugar daddies&mamas, […]

Tzu Ting Wang

Tzu-Ting Wang was born in Taiwan, 1987. Graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in London.Her method of painting is to develop a perspectivism based on emotion. She projects her own sensation, memory and desire on  individual object , and depicts the reality that has been modified accordingly. She makes use […]

Birgitt Böse

Out of her passion for metal and the desire to translate her art vision into a tangible, wearable form, Birgitt started to craft jewelry in 2012. For her jewelry label PULVA she creates unique pieces from silver, brass and copper which are inspired by the ambivalences and coincidences of nature […]

carlos nikolaus

Carlos Nikolaus

Mein ganzes Leben war ich kreativ, aufgewachsen bin ich in einer groß-Familie mit sieben Geschwistern. Ich hatte die Freiheit meinen ganz eigenen Weg zu finden mit verschiedensten Materialien zu arbeiten. Aufgewachsen in Berlin-Dahlem, in der Waldorfschule habe ich eine gute Ausbildung erhalten und gelernt Kreativität zu fokussieren. Als ich 17 […]

Moran Sanderovich

Moran Sanderovich’s elaborate costumes constitute the core of her work. She is looking for modern mythological creatures to tell their own story. Her choreography is based on the physical changes necessary of her body due to the costumes she works within…


Kevin Gray

Gray (*1982) arbeitet mit Öl- und Sprühfarbe und der Collage-Technik und erschafft Bildwelten in denen Raum für das Unbestimmte und Geheimnisvolle gelassen wird.



Alexander W. Neumann

Alexander W. Neumann Communication Designer and Music Label owner I like getting into various directions because life is full of interesting people and things. Getting into different topics and find a way to communicate them is the most precious thing about my work. I’ve been working in the ttt collective […]