Birgitt Böse

Birgitt BöseOut of her passion for metal and the desire to translate her art vision into a tangible, wearable form, Birgitt started to craft jewelry in 2012. For her jewelry label PULVA she creates unique pieces from silver, brass and copper which are inspired by the ambivalences and coincidences of nature and human lives. The design favors minimalistic geometric forms, loves raw stones and experiments with the visual effects of metal patina.necklace
PULVA is a homage to femininity, nonconformism and the perfectness of the non-perfect. PULVA plays off the sexuality, truth and freedom of one’s self expression. No one needs to be labeled, no one needs uniformity. Birgitt truly believes in the good, in freedom and the possibility of changing, with her jewelry she wants to give you room and inspiration for your own wild development of personality. The future is open.

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