Jessica F. Holt

My art is not just about female sexuality, rather it deals with the dynamics of female behavior within contemporary society. It questions the negative connotations correlated with sex, and why we, as people, are ashamed of our sexual personalities when it is the basis for almost all that we do in life. I want to remind people that sex is not only our way of reproduction, but that it should also be seen as a natural means of tightening human bonds

    Everything acted out in the images is performed by generalized, non-individual characters, because we are not dealing with the precariousness of an individual situation. Rather the figures serve as a projection screen for the beholders’ own feelings, thoughts, fears, wishes, and desires. The empty faces are to be filled by the viewer, the figures are like costumes they have to slip into in order to take part in the carnival of life.

    The painterly treatment is autonomous in so far as the appearance of the glowing colors doesn’t necessarily match the contours of objects or persons; they are conjured up like in a vivid dream. The strength of the colors enhances the emotional engagement of the beholder. The images and also the color scheme make for a bold statement, as each befits each other.The scenes and motifs embrace the strong, the unexpected, the special experience.

              –  Jessica F Holt
American/British Painter; currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands while also working in Berlin, Germany.